You decided you want to start a business. Ok, great, now what?

Ideally, you start with market research, see if your business idea is viable. But after all that is done and you KNOW you want to start this, the next step is branding.


The branding of your business should be consistent in everything you do. From emails you send, to the social media posts. It sets the tone of your business and if you’re doing your branding correctly, your possible customers will remember you much easier.

Imagine this: you receive email newsletters weekly. Without even looking at the sender, you already know who sent it. That’s branding. Don’t you want that to be you?

A few questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. What is the purpose of my brand?
  2. What are my competitors doing? Do I want to go the safe way or take a completely new path?
  3. What is my target audience?
  4. What am I offering that others don’t?
  5. What do I want my voice to be?
  6. What is my brand story?

After you answer all of these, you can have a more in-depth idea of what your branding should be.

Things that come into play when talking about branding are:

  • Logo – remember, the logo is the most important thing. You will be using that everywhere. You want a logo that is going to represent you.
  • Colour psychology – every color inspires something. What do you want to inspire?
  • Fonts – again, there are so many fonts out there, it can be difficult to choose. But I completely recommend sticking just to a maximum of 2 fonts. When you use 4-5 fonts, it just looks messy.
  • Incorporate everything into your website, social media, business cards, letterheads etc.


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