Google SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO is one of the most important aspects of your business. How you do it determines how high you rank on Google.


Because in this day and age, most people look for products/services online. And most people don’t go further than the first two pages of a certain keyword.

I will write a full article on how to improve your SEO, but to give you a general idea, these are the following things to work on:


On-Page SEO is everything you can change on your website, from adding meta-tags to reorganising your website so that it’s SEO friendly.

Off-Page SEO has to do with the creation of back-links.

SEO work is not that hard, but it is continuous. The hardest part in SEO work is the fact that you don’t see results immediately. It takes discipline and determination to work quite a few hours every week and not see results for maybe months at a time. Keep in mind though, the results WILL come in time. It’s a very rewarding work in the end.

Imagine that in just a few months, maybe one year, you can rank the first 2-3 Google pages on your preferred keyword. Imagine the revenue on that work! There is actually a really simple formula (I will write an article on it) to calculate how many clients you can get by ranking on the first page, but that solely depends on your type of business. This also allows you to plan ahead, because you might not handle all the work coming in once you rank on the first page on your keyword in your current situation!