Maybe you are a start-up. Or maybe you just don’t want to invest a lot in Digital Marketing until you see at least some results . We are going to share our point of view on this matter.

You don’t have 8 hours per day to focus on every aspect of Digital Marketing and you want to know what will bring the best results and fast.

Below is a list of what you can easily do on your own to get a taste of what it’s like.


You can focus 5-6 hours out of a day / month to plan your postings for social media. You can post 2-3 times per week, research when your followers are the most active and program the postings to be posted 15 minutes before the most active time of day starts. This ensures you get this out of the way.

You can use tools like or Hootsuite that offer free plans if you post 30 posts or less per month.

I recommend posting at least on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Also, link your accounts to your website, that’s crucial!

A few good tools to edit images/do infographics/graphic design for posts, are:



This is the most powerful social media tool out there from our point of view. Connect to people who can become possible clients. Don’t harass them with hard-sell messages, but instead try to build real connections. I know it’s hard to resist going in for the kill from the beginning, but more often than not, it just doesn’t work.

Add 50 relevant people every day. I usually do this in the morning, first thing. Gets it out of the way and people are most active just before work. You can target your connections too. You can select the job they have and their location, which is a great way to target your perfect client.

Make a Group where you provide true value by sharing tips and tricks from your industry. Invite your connections to join. If they find your Group useful, they will end up inviting other people. This builds trust. You don’t need to post every day, but I do recommend at least twice a week. Invite people to engage in your group, raise questions to receive opinions. Get them to engage with you. This way they will remember you. You will stand better than anyone who just sends their pitch to each new connection, trust me. And the gain from this is enormous.

Post content on your regular profile as well. Similar to what you are posting in your group. Try to keep your hard-sell posts to a minimum, 1 for every other 9 valuable posts. I would recommend a MAXIMUM of 1 post per day. It’s the best way to stand out.

Offer 1-2-1 consultations. It might take you 10 minutes to have a discussion with someone and offer them real advice in your industry. You don’t need to hard-sell anything. If your advice is valuable, they WILL remember you.


Facebook is the most used social platform out there. But unlike LinkedIn, it’s a lot harder to sort through the people you interact with. This is why I put in the second place.

After you took care of the postings for the month, and you’re doing your stuff on LinkedIn, I recommend joining Facebook groups that are relevant to you and engage when you have time. Facebook Groups are really useful for a great number of types of businesses, be it real estate or selling goods.


I think that Instagram isn’t quite as efficient yet in getting sales from it. It really depends on your business. A beauty salon or a pub can get great benefits from Instagram, but not all businesses can get clear ROI from Instagram. It is however a good tool to showcase products / raise awareness on what you offer.


This is the order in which I would prioritise social media marketing. And the nice thing about it, to this point you can do it completely for free!