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  • The importance of branding and how to do it.

    22nd Jan 2020 by

    You decided you want to start a business. Ok, great, now what? Ideally, you start with market research, see if your business idea is viable. But after all that is done and you KNOW you want to start this, the next step is branding. The branding of your business should be consistent in everything you… Read more

  • Email Marketing – Is it worth it?

    11th Jan 2020 by

    The short answer is YES! The long answer is a more complicated one. Mostly because it takes a bit of work to get there and you need a good strategy. Just buying email lists hardly works anymore, so you really have to put in the effort. Tried email marketing but didn’t bring you anything back?… Read more

  • How To Find The Right Keywords For Your Website!

    8th Dec 2019 by

    Keyword Research – how to do it. Keyword research is more complex than you think. A keyword can be a single word or a phrase. Of course, you would like to rank for the biggest ones. But that might not always be the best approach. Another question you need to ask yourself is where do… Read more

  • Case Study: Marketing for Real Estate Agencies

    6th Dec 2019 by

    With the UK real estate market always developing and rising, real estate agents thrive. It is a great job to have if you know what you are doing and are willing to accept some risks, such as sales uncertainty. I should know, I worked as a Business Development Manager for a Real Estate agency in… Read more

  • 10 Instagram Marketing Tips You Might Not Know

    5th Dec 2019 by

    Whilst talking to a few clients, I realised that Instagram might still be a mystery for some, especially since the algorithm changes that took place this year. I have compiled a list of best practices for IG, to help you increase your engagement and following. 1. Always post at regular intervals. There’s no point in… Read more

  • 8 Simple Steps for an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

    28th Nov 2019 by

    You just opened a business or maybe just realised you need a better presence online for your company. Anyone can randomly post pictures on Social Media Platforms, that’s the easy part. The hardest part of doing SMM for your business is actually coming up with a comprehensive strategy and sticking to it. This article is… Read more

  • Useful Tools For Your Business

    21st Nov 2019 by

    You plan on opening your own business. Or maybe, you already have a business but you want to be more organised.

    This article will help you better organise your business.

  • Introduction to Google SEO

    21st Nov 2019 by

    Google SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. 

    SEO is one of the most important aspects of your business. How you do it determines how high you rank on Google. 

  • Welcome!

    21st Nov 2019 by

    Because of our love for Digital Marketing, we want to provide the best advice regarding Social Media Marketing, Google SEO and Web Development.

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