Email Marketing – Is it worth it?

The short answer is YES!

The long answer is a more complicated one. Mostly because it takes a bit of work to get there and you need a good strategy. Just buying email lists hardly works anymore, so you really have to put in the effort.

Tried email marketing but didn’t bring you anything back?

If you bought an email list, that might be why. That is mostly because most of these lists are outdated and most email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp don’t accept those lists. There are email marketing platforms that do accept bought email lists, but these are a lot more expensive and the ROI might not be worth it.

What we strongly recommend is to work harder to build an email list on your own. It may take longer, but the ROI will be much higher.

How do I build an organic email list?

There are a lot of ways to do this but the most effective way for most businesses is to take advantage of their website. It is, after all, the most visited online place of your company.

You can have a pop-up subscription form for every new visitor. You can have online tests/quizzes and instead of displaying the results on the website, you send them on their email. You can write a book (pdf form) and offer it freely in exchange for their email.

Basically, you need to offer value to get value. If you offer something in exchange of the email, the campaigns will be much more effective.

I already have an email list. What do I do now?

Of course, it’s not enough just having an email list. You also need to be in touch with your subscribers. You need to carefully think about things like: email subject, email preview and the email itself.

Sending the same email over and over will get boring. Another mistake people make is sending an email that’s completely different than their usual branding, they make the emails too long or they’re just plain boring.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Try sending 2 emails a week, not more than that.
  2. Always offer an Unsubscribe button at the bottom. Also offer your subscribers the possibility to receive a monthly newsletter (so you don’t lose them altogether).
  3. Keep the email consistent to your branding.
  4. Always keep it clean and to the point.
  5. Try adding value to your emails.

Do you need email marketing services or guidance towards the right direction?

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