How To Find The Right Keywords For Your Website!

Keyword Research – how to do it.

Keyword research is more complex than you think. A keyword can be a single word or a phrase. Of course, you would like to rank for the biggest ones. But that might not always be the best approach.

Another question you need to ask yourself is where do you want to rank? It’s a lot simpler and faster to do the work to rank no. 1 in your borough (e.g Plumber Shoreditch) than to rank nationwide (e.g Best Plumber UK).

Ok, you’ve explained. Now, where do we start?

What we do, is take our first 10 competitors, put them into SEMrush and take notes of what keywords those competitors are using.

SEMrush is a paid tool but they do offer a free plan and they also offer a free trial. You just have to remember to cancel it before the first payment is due and in the meanwhile you can find out all you need.

You put in the competitors website and you can see what keywords they are using and how many visitors they have from each keyword.

What I do is do an Excel with all this data, the keywords for each competitor, the visitors from ranking in that keyword and keyword density. You can find out their keyword density by using SEO Review Tools.

Then, you see how many visitors you would get from each keyword and decide which ones are worth it and delete the other ones. You make an average keyword density (add the data from all 10 websites and divide by 10) and that’s the keyword density you should have! Don’t go over that limit, because Google can penalise you for over optimisation!

I will write an article next week on how and where to use these keywords for maximum effect.

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